Go. To. Sleep!

Yokasta Schneider

Sleep is an issue that always appears on the countless lists of 'ways to stay healthy'.  The questions surrounding quality sleep are endless. What kind of bed do you have?  Do you have a bedtime routine?  Are you getting enough?  How much do you really need?  Are you getting quality sleep?  What temperature should your room be?  

In addition to fitnessand proper nutrition, getting adequate sleep plays a crucial role in our health.  Due to today's daily demands, busy schedules, and constant connectivity, sleep can be elusive.  Whether the result is immediate, or gradual, lack of proper sleep can seriously harm you.  As difficult as it might be, some things may need to be sacrificed to ensure proper rest.  Remember, if you're not well-rested, you won't be feel well, look good, or be of any good to anyone.  You know the saying, "You can't pour from an empty cup"?  As cliché as it sounds, it's 100% true! Take stock of the tasks on your to-do list? What can be done at a later date? Delegated? Or removed altogether?

How to Get Good Night's Sleep

  • Establish an evening routine. I've frequently stressed the importance of a morning routine.  But an evening routine is just as important to have an organized day.  This will ensure a good night's rest. Lay out your clothes or make your to-do list the before bed.
  • Be consistent.  Go to bed and wake up at the same time each evening and morning.  While it may be tempting to sleep in on your days off, keep the extra snoozing to no more than one hour later.
  • Draw a bath or take a hot shower. Not only will you feel fresh and clean, you'll also wash the day off you.
  • Get active. Be sure to get exercise daily, especially outside. As simple as it may sound, more activity during the day will help increase time spent in deep sleep.
  • Eliminate distractions.Avoid TV or scrolling on your cellphone. Sleep studies show that the light emitted from these devices suppress our bodies' melatonin production.

Try these for a week and see how much better you'll feel each morning. As always, come back and tell me how you feel.

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